Mario dos Reis, PI

Mario’s research in evolutionary biology focuses on obtaining inferences from genomic data to understand species adaptation and evolution through time. His research involves both, the development of statistical tools to analyse molecular sequences, and the application of those tools in empirical data analysis. He is particularly interested in working out the timeline of mammal evolution and other animals, as case studies in evolutionary biology. Mario is a lecturer in genomics at Queen Mary University of London.

Sandra Álvarez-Carretero, PhD student

Sandra obtained a BSc in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Universidad Rovira I Virgili, in Spain, and then an MSc in Bioinformatics at Högskolan I Skövde, in Sweden. Her research has focused on integrating her two areas of interest: Biology and Informatics. She has worked developing software pipelines to characterise bacterial isolates based on whole-genome sequencing data and in the analysis of transcriptomic, proteomic, and whole-genome sequencing data. As a PhD student in the lab, Sandra will work on the application of Bayesian MCMC statistical methods to study species divergences through time.

Nayelí Escudero Castelán, PhD student

Nayelí is working with Prof. Maurice Elphick and Dr. dos Reis on the evolution of neuropeptides in echinoderms.

Iván Ezquerra Romano

Iván is currently doing his PhD rotation (BBSRC LIDo) in the lab, using the multi-species coalescent to date divergences among human populations.

Past Members

Hasmita Patel, MSc student

Hasmita did her MSc Bioinformatics project at the dos Reis lab on analysis of human populations under the Bayesian multi-species coalescent model.

Updated 24th November 2019.